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Our newest recruit, Derar Alkhateeb, went through an interview process many of us would recognise. First, he submitted his CV. Then he demonstrated his technical competency using Codility and participated in two interviews.

The only difference is – Derar did all this while living in a precarious situation as a refugee in Jordan.
Derar will soon join the IRESS team in Sydney as a test engineer and, along with his wife Tuqa and son Hamza, is looking forward to beginning a new life in Sydney, far from the refugee camp in Amman which is currently home to 630,000 people.

In an interview with the ABC, Derar said he hoped “in Australia we have a good life – a good house, a good job and that my baby will grow up to have great friends and an education.”

Derar’s employment at IRESS was made possible thanks to Talent Beyond Boundaries, an organisation supported by IRESS board member John Cameron.
Talent Beyond Boundaries was created to recruit displaced people from around the world with useful skills. The organisation was founded under the belief that for refugees with marketable skills, what is needed is an easy, accessible and secure way that they can advertise and demonstrate those skills to prospective employers, and processes where they can receive the special support they will need to undertake an offer of employment.
We're the first Australian company to hire a Syrian refugee directly out of Jordan with the intention of sponsoring them and their family to come to Australia.
Talent Beyond Boundaries has over 8,000 skilled refugees on their books, and are aiming to roll the initiative out around the world.

Read more about the program and Derar's story here.


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